Employee Spotlight: Martha Cedeno Ross

February 28, 2019

What skills, abilities and personal attributes are essential to success in your job/this field? 

I think the number one skill you must have is communication. Great communication skills can deescalate the most dire situation or help console someone in the toughest time of their lives.

If you could do it all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself? If not, what would you change?

I would definitely take the same path. I feel my previous experience has given me a strong foundation to be more effective in my current role.    

Tell me about your current Role at Yale University?

Two months ago, I was transitioned into the Role of Community Engagement Officer at the Yale University Police Department; Tasked with enhancing relationships and creating positive interactions within the Yale and New Haven Communities.

What are your main responsibilities?

To develop and foster trust between Yale Police and its community. Engage with student groups, residential colleges, the athletics department, New Haven communities, and others to understand and address campus needs and concerns.

What do you like most about your work?

I enjoy being able to interact with the community on a different level than when I was on Patrol. In this role I am able to sit in homes, offices and even on the street and engage in conversations ranging from the issues facing policing now to what’s on Orpah’s Favorites list. This is what sets the foundation in creating relationships and positive interactions between police and the people we set out to serve.

How did you begin your career? 

When I moved to Connecticut I transitioned into Compliance Banking and remained in that field for the majority of my career. I then went on to work for a non- profit organization. That organization gave me the opportunity to be more involved in the community. It was then that I pursued a career in policing.

What steps would you recommend one take to prepare to enter this field?

To become a Police Officer there are numerous components that can take anywhere from six months to over a year. Within that time, you will have a

  • Written exam
  • Physical agility test
  • Interviews
  • Psychological exam
  • Polygraph test

When all that is said and done you then have to successfully complete six months at the Police Academy.

How does your job affect your general lifestyle?

As a Police Officer our schedules can be unpredictable and your most likely working holidays and the majority of those special times you don’t want to miss, with that said it is a very rewarding field.