A Call to Action: Help Shape Gov. Lamont’s Re-Open CT Policies

A Call to Action Photo
May 31, 2020
Marcella Nunez-Smith, is Chair of the Governor Lamont’s Reopen Connecticut Advisory Community Subcommittee, which also has representatives from health policy, health research, and labor.  Despite the broad-based representation there are still voices and concerns that are being overlooked, and their perspectives and wisdom need to be heard.
Marcella is encouraging that you share with her your thoughts and concerns about what should and could be done to safely and equitably “re-open” Connecticut.  The voices for employment, finance and commerce are numerous and vocal; and while their POV is justifiably important, so is that of the communities/constituencies you serve via social and human services, faith-based initiatives, education, community development, and health.  You are being invited to expand the conversation for the committee.  As professionals who are well aware of the disparities already identified because of the pandemic; what other impacts should be addressed and planned for?
Marcella is asking that you write her directly ASAP even if you’ve previously written the Governor.  The more that she can share with her committee, the stronger the voices in the Governor’s ear as he makes decisions about the what and how in the months to come.  This is an opportunity to influence the conversation and serve all the people of our state.
Share your feedback with Marcella Nunez-Smith by sending an email to: marcella.nunez-smith@yale.edu.